Whether you've been married one year or 30 years, we all still might run into seasons of our marriages, where at times we have what I call "a bad marriage day". I personally have to revert to #1 every single time!

  1. If it's not going to matter in 5 years - DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT! I cannot stress this tip enough! If you think about what upsets or irritates you, is it REALLY going to matter in 5 years? I am going to say no. This tip can work in all relationships, not only in your marriage. This idea has to become a habit for you.
  2. Sleep naked! No really, if you sleep with pajamas, you could be missing out on some very intimate moments. Have kids? No worries, make a rule they can't come into your room without knocking. Skin on skin in bed can bring peace, soothes the soul and who knows what else. It might bring a more closeness to your relationship. There is a reason God gave women the ability to have an orgasm. It's for no other reason than to produce pleasure.
  3. Do NOT criticize! Both parties! Women, I KNOW we want to gently give our husbands "advice". This is not how they perceive it (at all). They look at themselves as a failure in your eyes. The last thing you want your spouse to feel like is a failure. Men, be supportive with your wife in all her ideas. Be thankful you have a wife that is willing to try something new!
  4. Be affectionate! Women love affection, but do you know that men also crave affection too? You can easily incorporate little things into your everyday life. Hugs go a long way, and you can do this anytime of day.
  5. Learn what your spouses love language is! This literally takes less than 10 minutes. After you learn what it is, study what you might need to do to fill their needs! Visit this site to take your free test! Love Language Test
  6. Learn what your spouses Motivational Value System is! This one is a little trickier to do. It is from an SDI test. You can research facilitators in your area that do testing. If you aren't able to find someone in your area, contact me and I will help you out! Pricing varies, but this is by far one of the best tools out there for relationships.
  7. Read! I am a lover of non fiction books! I have read several marriage related books. I am only going to recommend two. One for each spouse. For Better or Best and If Only He Knew. I suggest reading 15 minutes a night for each of you before you go to sleep. Women, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read and highlight your guys book! I believe in these books more than I do just about anything out there, that's how good they are for your marriage!
  8. Edify! Nothing helps self esteem better than being edified by your spouse! There is so much on TV that de-edifies spouses. I call in garbage in, garbage out. If you are around other people, make it a point to praise your spouse in front of them. This will little behavior will go far!
  9. Treat your spouse like a King or Queen! Remember, when you started dating your spouse, there was something you liked about them. What was it? Most of us would have done anything for the other. Are you aware you can still do that even after 30 years? I ask myself daily, "what can I do to make my husband have a better day". This is another great habit to start today!
  10. If it's not going to matter in 5 years - DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT! I cannot stress this tip enough! Yes, this tip deserves to be on the top 10 twice!

How long have you been married?

Share with me a golden nugget that you have learned during your marriage!

10 Unconventional Marriage Tips