10 Things to Say to your Husband

  1. You give me peace- For myself, this rings true. I realize that it may not fit with all marriages, but for me it does. I can have a chaotic/frustrating day and at the end of the day when I lay my head down on my husband's shoulder, my mind clears, and my thoughts become peaceful. I tell him constantly that he brings me peace.
  2. Thank you for taking care of me- Oh, this is a good one! We all have different love languages. Do you know yours and does your spouse know yours? Do you know your spouses? If not, this is the first thing you should do right now! Learn each other's love language and then put it into practice.
  3. I'm so proud of you-This is HUGE for men to hear (actually for anyone to hear)!
  4. You have a good heart-Sometimes speaking positivity into a man can create the version of him you may be searching for. Give him an identity that you can cherish and adore about him!
  5. I believe in you-THIS!!!! Men need this just as much as women do!
  6. You're so strong- Feed the ego, it's okay!
  7. I know you can do it- There will never be a time in history that this phrase doesn't boost someone's self-worth.
  8. You're such a great provider- As men, we want them to be the provider and we should acknowledge them when they put for the effort to do so for us!
  9. I trust you- There was a time when I would say "are you sure" to my husband, after many years of marriage, he finally asked me to "trust him". I choose my words more wisely now!
  10. You're a great man- Speak it into existence if you struggle with this one.

Which of these 10 things is the biggest challenge for you? I would love your feedback.

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