Good vs Evil

December 4th, I received a phone call from my dad. My dad was an atheist, JW, Mormon and who knows what else over his 81 years. He definitely was not a Christian and I didn't push Christianity on him ever. He told me he had been praying for the past 20 minutes. He said what if I'm right? He wants to see me in heaven. So he accepted Jesus that day on his own before he called me. Near his death, he said a few interesting things to me. But one question stood out more that the others, "What took me so long?" He was so incredibly abused as a child (sold for sex starting at age 7, sexually abused & severely physically abused) that it was totally understandable why he was against God. He admitted that he made lots of mistakes in his life and wondered if could he ever be forgiven.

This led to some amazing conversations during his last three months I was there. I explained to him, having a relationship with God was in HIS heart. I prayed over him many times during the last days. The day before he died, he was completely comatose. As I was sitting there along side his bed, scrolling on my phone, he jolted sideways toward me and grabbed my arm and the side of the bed rail in a panic. He said " They are trying to take me" He was scared, the look on his face was pure fear and terror. It was so fast, my mind thought he said "The devil is trying to take me." I still don't know exactly what that first word was, but what I do believe is that he was fighting good vs evil at that moment. He went right back into being comatose. I prayed. His nurse came and we prayed over him. Later that night, his hands started going cold. I knew it was the end and I knew with all my heart that he was going to heaven. God won. He took his last breath March 9th, 2020 while the song "God Only Knows" was playing. God knows he accepted Him. I miss him. We would have had some great conversations about what is going on in the world today.

I've had since July, 2007. After my experience with my dad, which was my first death experience, I realized the continued importance of planting seeds. People are hurting. People are lonely. People are ashamed. I want this site to be a portal of God's goodness. A portal to help people not feel alone with whatever they have been through in life. We all have a story. God forgives everyone.

When we went in shelter in place, no work, no nothing, I knew it was time to go back and plant more seeds. Are you a seed planter or are you a fertilizer type of Christian? Either one, you now have time to share your faith to those you may not know. You never know who is watching you. One of the last things he said to me was "he needed more loves like me in his life".


If you have a story of planting seeds, I would love to hear from you!

Planting seeds of Faith