How root bound is your pot - are the roots fresh or are they beginning to get tangled up? Are they slowly creeping out the water holes? What happens to those roots that get tangled? What happens to the ones that find their way through the whole? Are they looking for light? Are the tangled ones so tired of trying to find the light (or out) that they continue to wind themselves up? What are fresh roots? How do we get rid of "bound" roots? What happens to a plant that is root bound? Does it continue to grow rigorously? What do we do to revive it?

If you cut the roots and cut back the plant what happens? The plant begins to have new growth. Do you need to cut the roots that are binding you and keeping you from growing? Why is it that we don't re-pot our plant when we know it needs done? Why don't we cut our own roots when we know they are binding to us? Are we to lazy? God does not like a lazy person. Do you feel like you are the roots and not the plant? How many roots do you have? Do older plants have more roots? How deep are they?

I've talked before about the seeds that God plants, and we know seeds need good soil, water, sunlight to grow - what do they need after they have grown? Do you take them out of the sun and quit watering? Do you ever have to replenish the soils? We all need water, sun and good soil. Our soil needs to be fertilized (bible, friends, worship), watered and sunlight in order to maintain it's beauty.

What are your roots comprised of? Children, husband, anger, family, sex, abuse, neglect, emotional neglect, finances, work, hatred, jealousy, malice, bitterness, happiness? One little root could be the cause of strangulation - among the other roots. Are there roots that are strangling you? Which roots does God want to grow? Which roots need cut? Is this not what needs to be done in order to grow - God wants us to grow, just like a plant we need to be re-potted every few years in order to enhance the seeds that God planted. Do weeds grow around us? Of course they do. Are they any better than bound roots? They can be pulled, sometimes you need to pull apart the roots so you can get to the core of the plant. Sometimes we need to pull apart and separate our roots to get to the core of our heart. Is there dirt in separation? Gobs, at least with me - was the soil dry? wet? soggy? sandy? clayey? If your soil is clayey I would guess that nothing has been able to get to your roots in order for them to receive nourishment. If you soil is sandy, you have no foundation for your roots to take hold. Is your plant confused? Think back to when winters are warm and there is sunshine - what do plants do? They even get confused. They grow when they should be dormant, sometimes they rot in the ground, sometimes they grow and die, sometimes they do nothing. If your soil is soggy, your roots are rotting. If your soil is dry, your roots are withering. If your roots are wet, are they in good shape? Once you get through to the core of the plant you realize it looks like everybody else's plants - everyone has feelings. We all react in a different way. Just as each root will grow in a different direction, we as humans do too. Sometimes, you may think your roots are shallow and not bound up, but when you break open the pot your discover some that are very deep.

Roots of evil- if you have one bad tangled root, it an cause the other roots to rot. Evil spreads - roots spreads and becomes tangled and bound to other roots - therefore one rotten (evil) root will infect the entire plant. What are the roots (spirits) of evil? Ill will, grudge, malice, hatred, bitterness, murder, jealousy, debt, fear, gossip, lying, rebellion. Somewhere deep down in your root system (if you have a rotten root) one of these evil spirits will rot your plant. Is it with your husband? Your parents? Your children? A co-worker? Your Minister? Yourself? We need to be in submission to God. How many times do we tell our children to do something? How many times does God show us what to do? You expect your children to listen and obey - God expects you to obey him. Do you? You may have a challenge and God will answer your prayer - you must be open. You may not like what he has in store for you but you must have faith. Is it time for you to cut off your bound roots and see what God has planned for the new growth? You must prime the pump. What happens when you stop? You must continue to pump the pump, just like microwave popcorn - you need to set the environment and have FAITH that at the end of the time, your effort will pay off.

Have you felt like you were root bound before? I would love to hear your story.

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